My Winter Dress | Organic Cotton Fleece | Black

My Winter Dress | Organic Cotton Fleece | Black

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My Winter Dress will fit any occasion and keep you warm throughout the winter!

Comfortable yet Classy, with a very good fit for all bodytypes.

You can wear it alone or add a short/long sleeve shirt underneath, however you feel like!


Material: 100% Organic Cotton Fleece


One Size between S-M-L


For further size enquires please contact us directly!

  • Care Instructions

    Care for yourself, care for your fabrics!

    Organic fabrics do require extra care because they come from natural materials with minimum processing.

    How to take care of your Eco-friendly Fabrics and Clothes:

    Organic Cotton:


    • Use Mild Detergent
    • Avoid using Softener
    • Wash at Low Temperature, 30°
    • Use Gentle, Hand Wash or Delicate Cycle


    • If you need to, use Air- Cycle, no heat Iron

    Start with using a lower heat option than Cotton, to prevent the fabric from burning, and adjust to your needs

    Other: Do not use Bleach