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Eleni Petridi Owner of WorldWild

Eleni Petridi

"So, WorldWild is my second nature that has been forming itself for many years now throughout lots of traveling, adventures, experimenting and a big hope for change..

It's a story of passion and love for creating garments that are not only comfortable, easy, practical and beautiful, but also consciously produced."

WorldWild is an ecological fashion brand that promotes sustainable and fair-trade fashion, with the use of organic and recycled material, produced under fair conditions,

fair for the people and for the earth. We are wild people, wild dreamers and all around the world, with a vision for creativity, expression and development, through a natural way. 

WorldWild Logo

Based in Athens, Greece, all our unique designs and garments are created and manufactured within our beautiful sunny country. 

Our aim is to provide comfort yet Elegance and a unique style, while respecting our values for a more sustainable future.

"Inspired by nature, energy and the beauty that surrounds us"

Nature Scene


Sustainable fashion is a combination of many different practices which includes ethical business practices, supply chain transparency, minimal impact policies, give-back programs, and, arguably most important of all, the sustainable materials that make up our ethical wardrobe. 

So perhaps one of the first questions you should ask yourself (apart from #whomademyclothes) is: what are my clothes made of?

When it comes to pollution, the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors in the world. 

Not only does it pollute, but the materials that make up the fabrics used directly impacts and contributes to: consumption of water, microplastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, rainforest destruction and lastly landfill waste of epic proportions.

Sustainable Natural and Vegan Fabrics

Vegan, Synthetic Fabrics


Landfield of nature.


Did you know that...

Organic Cotton​​:

  • Reduces environmental footprint

  • Promotes safe work & better livelihoods

  • Impacts our food system

  • Saves thousands of liters of water per garment

Organic cotton is one of the most natural fabrics out there.

It’s grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and processed with no chemicals.

From an ecological standpoint, organic cotton farming uses 62% less energy and 88% less water than conventional cotton (which is, to the surprise of many, one of the single dirtiest crops around). 

There are several certifications used with sustainable and ethical cotton to tell us that the cotton was

  • grown without any chemicals or machine harvesting, and

  • processed without any chemicals leaving the final garment chemical-free

"When you buy organic cotton you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods. The price for organic cotton is therefore sometimes, but not always, higher. However, with demand on the rise, more choices will become available."


"Caring for the world and the people we share it with is a life choice. Choosing organic cotton is part of this choice. By choosing organic over conventional cotton you have the purchasing power to influence brands, manufacturers and even farmers. So let’s change this number"

"...62% less energy and 88% less water..."

Do you have more questions regarding our brand and sustainability?

We are happy to answer them for you! 

Contacts us anytime and we'll get back to you asap. We love connecting with you and spreading awareness.

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